Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Previously known as The South Group, we are a financial advisory team now serving under our new independent planning and wealth management firm - Tower 68 Financial Advisors.

Our advisory teams provide a high level of investment advice, education and wealth management services to a select clientele. We are dedicated to helping clients pursue their dreams by enabling them to strategically manage their financial affairs.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professionals, business owners, and retirees who have built a capital resource base and are seeking growth. Our purpose is to make a difference in their lives by helping them work toward securing a strong financial future.

Why should you invest with us?

Our investment strategies utilize recognized fundamental analysis and technical analysis models to assist when designing individualized strategies for each client. By working as an independent planning firm, we are not tied to any proprietary products. Instead, we have a wide range of investment products to help find the right fit based on each client’s needs. This process allows us to deliver highly personalized service that seems to have gone missing in the larger banking firms of today.

What is the value of our services?

Our strategic advice helps our clients navigate through a complex maze of financial alternatives. The individual team members bring their unique perspectives and experience to create a powerful strategy. By working as an independent planning firm, we are able to provide unbiased personal strategies that are aligned with each client’s unique objectives. Our team maintains frequent contact with our clients, ensuring that everyone stays informed regarding developments in the ever-changing market.

Why did you choose to affiliate with LPL Financial?

As strategic leaders and champions for our clients, we want to continue to provide the best strategies and recommendations based on our knowledge and our clients’ goals. By partnering with LPL Financial, we are able to receive unmatched operational support, leaving us with more time and resources to continue to provide exceptional customer service, strategic recommendations, and innovative solutions.

Client-Focused Approach

Client-Focused Approach

We sit on the same side of the table as our clients and provide advice based on a complete understanding of your needs. Creating long-term relationships built on trust is our ultimate goal. Focusing on a select number of clients allows us to devote the necessary time and understanding to help each client address the financial challenges that can accompany great wealth. Together, we work to leverage the firm’s broad resources and focused capabilities to advance client interests.